New Cool Way To Get Awesome Tattoos!

get the best tattoo design

Get Inked via Vs. Traditional Methods


More Designs
get personalized tattoo designs from artists around the world
Limited Style
you only get design styles available from local artists
Greater Ideas
receive advice + wisdom from dozens of tattoo artists globally
Subjective Opinion
limited by the experience of the single artist you consult
Better Tattoos
the best design + the best inking from the best artists, separately
Compromised Quality
hard to find artists who excel at both designing + inking tattoos
complete guide with all info you need to know about tattooing
Daunting Task
lots of research when you are getting your first tattoo
check artist portfolios, studio photos & reputation ratings online
Time Consuming
need to schedule and visit each tattoo studio in person
Safer Choice
choose tattoo shop and artist based on reviews you can trust
Uncertain Risks
you usually don't know the track record of your tattooer
Much Better Results
because tattooers want good reviews from you + they only get paid when finished
Acceptable Tattoos
no extra motivation for artists to do their best for you