Great Tattoo Designs for Awesome People!

Best Tattoo Designs for Men and Women.

7 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Tattoo
inking benefits vs. traditional tattoo process

More Custom Designs
pick the best tattoo design from diverse artist's specialties
Limited Styles
you only get design styles available from local tattoo artists
Greater Ideas
free advice + collective wisdom from experienced tattooers around the world
Biased Advice
limited by the experience of the single tattooist you consult
Better Tattoos
get the best design + the best needle work from two best tattoo artists
Compromised Quality
it's hard to find tattooists who excel at both design and needle work
complete guide with all info you need to know about tattooing
Tricky Business
lots of research needed when you are getting your first tattoo
check artist portfolios, parlor photos & reputation ratings - all online
Time Consuming
need to schedule and visit each tattoo studio in person
Safer Choice
choose tattoo shop and artist based on reviews you can trust
Health Risks
usually there is no verified track record of your tattooer
Get Better Results
because tattooers want your great reviews + you only pay when satisfied
Uncertain Outcome
no extra motivation for artists to do the best tattoo job for you

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